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Distractions distractions, and more distractions.

I travel all over the world for our foundation (see training national pastors in such place like Rwanda, Congo, Togo, Liberia, Uganda, Myanmar, and Haiti.  All of these countries are identified as developing countries, formerly called the third world.  They all have one thing in common.  They all, for the most part, are marked by extreme poverty, government corruption, and a malaise which could be characterized as desperation or hopelessness, perhaps both.   The majority of the populations move from day to day hoping only to put food in their children's mouths and gas in their cheap Chinese scooters or keep their bicycles in operation.  Beyond that, there is not much else to which they can aspire.

For these people, life is defined not by what clothes they wear, what car they drive, what house they live in, or what kind of food they eat.  Its actually much simpler than that.  It's merely about survival.  They don't have the option of thinking about anything el…